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Placed my order online, but it took 45 minutes to be ready. That's too long. I had beef tacos, sausage tacos and greenbeans. The $2 order of greenbeans, was very small - only a couple bites. And, tasted like frozen, not fresh. Not worth the $2. The tacos were merely OK. Small portion of meat, with a little shredded cabbage and a lime wedge. Very modest amount of meat in each taco. Nothing outstanding. I'd asked for BBQ sauce on the side. It was on the top of the tacos. Fortunately, the sauce was added only lightly so not too much. But, after waiting 45 minutes, I really expected that you'd have gotten that very minor part of my order right. And, I wasn't willing to risk another long wait for a replacement order. Order again? Wait was too long, the food was merely OK, but nothing special. Meat portions were skimpy. And that $2 order of green beans- no thanks.

Robert Rice from HOUSTON on 2019-03-28
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